Arcane This page is about discontinued or retired contents.

This page is for confirmed and rumored future changes to the game


Legendaries: They will spawn only once every 7 weeks with one element spawning per week. No word yet on where they will be spawning, though it is assumed that it will be somewhere near the city of their respective elements. There are technically 14 legendaries, two for each element. One can be caught in the wild, while the other must be bought from the monster shop. The Fire legendary is now known to be the fire goat from the game loading page. In order to catch the legendaries, you will need to catch the monsters of that element. In order to catch a legendary of a certain element, you will have to catch all the monsters of that element and possibly evolve them.

Hidden Stats/Effort Value: They do exist and can only be acquired by a monster when it deals/recieves damage. This means that monsters caught at high levels in biotech/mazama are much weaker than monsters trained from lower levels. XP share leveling only gives hidden stats to the monster doing the fighting. Like XP, hidden stats are only increased if the monster is alive at the end of the battle. The stats of the monster being fought must be higher than the stats of your monster in order for it to get hidden stats. Below is a reproduction of a conversation with a developer (Social Titans) about hidden stats. See Hidden Stats page.

Snozo: There is now a rare lvl 1 snozo in Haven Woods

Breeding: The possibility of monster breeding is being considered by the developers. If it ever happens, it will probably be far in the future.


Fablemaple: This monster was mentioned once on the old wiki on a move page. It is rumored to be the evolution of Oaklore, but the developers have denied its existance.

Element Table: Due to protests about the new element table, it may be changed again. Unlikely

Fouligator Evolves: Concept art for a third evolution of the Allistinker line has been floating around the internet, but the developers have reported that it will never be implemented.