Terra Monsters Found

Choosing a Terra Monster

The game begins with Zina informing you that the town is under attack. Walk over to the right you will see 4 Terra Monsters walk infront of any Terra Monster you like the look of and hit the yellow box bottom left of the screen to select the Terra Monster or learn about it. 

Saving the Town

Once you have selected a Terra Monster return to Zina and follow her north. You will come across a Namanja Raider. The game will take you to battle and give you a tutorial on how to battle in Terra Monsters. 

Find Kalomi's Elders

Follow Zina north to Elder Zeno. He will give you a resting tutorial. After you have completed the resting tutorial in ranch, Elder Zeno will inform you that you must travel to Mishi to get aid for the village. Head to the right and then north to travel to Mishi. 

Catch a Monster Tutorial

Just outside of Mishi you will come across Zina next to a new NPC, this is Kofi. Talk to them and you will recieve a Catching Monster Tutorial. Once complete carry on following Zina. 

Catch Up to Zina

Just up ahead you will see Zina surrounded by wild Terra Monsters! She’s in trouble! Walk up to them to aid Zina in battle. 

Seek aid from Mishi

After aiding Zina, an NPC named Bastion will appear. He will inform you that a wild Dozer is to the north. You can follow Zina to avoid the Dozer or follow Bastion to battle the Dozer. If you go right in the direction Zina went you will come across an NPC that will give you a free ultra bait! So don’t miss out on that. Before you get to Mishi it is important to catch another Terra Monster to make battles easier. So use that ultra bait before you leave the map. Once you’ve caught another Terra Monster head north all the way to Mishi. To catch a wild Terra Monster just step off the path and roam around until one appears! 

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