TM2: #178
TM3: #91
TM2: Kismayo, Al Kubra, Kyeroh
Evolve to Sharpoon at level 20
Catch Rate 80
Evolution Process
Skullywag → Sharpoon → Villianeard

Description (TM2)
Skullywag inhabits shallow coastal regions and often comes into contact with humans. It is quite playful and friendly despite its intimidating features and makes a great companion. (Water)
Base Per Lv. At Lv. 50
HP 32 +9.1 487
Melee Attack 17 +3.2 160
Melee Defense 15 +3.3 165
Range Attack 15 +3.3 165
Range Defense 12 +3.3 165
Speed 24 +3.5 175
Energy 180 +4 380
Accuracy 15 +2 --
Agility 20 -- --
Resistance 40 -- --

Ranged Branch
Pounce Hurl Ram Lunge Charge Slam Headbutt Body Slam
Melee Branch
Scratch Bash Claw Stomp Slash Thrash Maul Rampage
Supporting Branch
Rally Cover Block Blind Roar Valor Fortify Purge
Ranged Branch
Splash Riptide Waterblast Water Cannon Whirlpool Tidal Wave Monsoon
Melee Branch
Dive Aqua Slide Hydro Fist Wipeout Wave Breaker Tidal Smash Tsunami Charge
Supporting Branch
Purify Rinse Spirit Water Cleanse Drench Lifeline Healing Well

Terra Monsters 3 Animations

Skullywag animations

Skullywag animations

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