Terra Monsters
Tips on Starting Out
When starting out, everyone has problems choosing one of the four starters. Which one is the most powerful? Who has better stats? Does it have a good move set? Does it have great coverage? It's all mostly up to you, but there are tips on finding out about their coverage, stats, etc.

Dandylion evolves into Purrpetal, then finally into Vioness. Dandylion is uncommonly picked as users say it is the worst Terra Monster to get or because there is an abundance of other better Earth Terra Monsters. This all depends on how you train it. It has high attack and decent defense when it comes to battle, but its moveset is of Earth moves. This Terra Monster is good for those who prefer an offensive strategy.


Flofox evolves into Wintail, then finally into Cyclonine. Flofox is one of the most popularly picked, not for its cuteness, but for its high speed and ranged attack. Its moveset has Air, Ice, and Arcane moves that it gets later on. It covers a lot of ground, but because of this, it has low defense and hp. This Terra Monster is good for a offensive strategy but not defensive.


Niptune evolves into Aquanine, then finally into Carnivice. Niptune is usually picked over Dandylion for its high attack and decent defense. Its moveset is of Water and Ice moves that it gets later on. This Terra Monster is good for those who prefer an offensive strategy.

Pandemite evolves into Pandora, then finally into Pandorum. Pandemite is usually picked for its tanker defense and hp. Its moveset has Earth and Fire moves. This Terra Monster is good for those who prefer a defensive strategy.
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