BuckBeak The Pizza

aka Beakie

  • I live in Pizzachu The Pizza's Ranch
  • My occupation is Being a Riffin
  • I am Riffindor (But actually a Riffin)


Terra Monsters

Hi there Terra Ranchers and monsters. I am BuckBeak the incredible Riffindor who is awesome! A few things about me are:

  • I am a level 40 Riffindor
  • My Terra Rancher is Pizzachu The Pizza
  • Pizzachu has 27 monsters and still in counting
  • I do not look like the picture on the left.
  • My best friends in Pizzachu's Ranch are Sparky, the Werevolt, Ziggy the Racruel (He's not as bad as he seems), and Robbinghood the Vilewing (He just didn't want to evolve).

Well that's all for now. You can always check out my favorite page(s)! Good Bye for now!

My favorite pages


Terra Monsters Poll


The Terra Monsters Poll (Not really a Poll) is out! Go to the Fourm called Riffins are the best Terra Monsters and vote for which Terra Monster you think is the best!

So far Riffin is in the lead with 1 vote from User:PantThePlantDragon.

Keep voting!


Here is where you can see some of the monsters from Pizzachu's Ranch. There will be random monster of the day, main lineup and newest recruit.

Main Lineup

Sparky - Werevolt - Electric

Level 52

Maul - Giga Stomp - Chain Lightning - Static Charge



Ziggy - Racruel - Earth

Level 45

Slam - Rocksmash - Willowmaker - Sandstorm



Robbinghood - Vilewing - Air - Arcane

Level 48

Slam - Shadowbolt - Plaguewave - Cyclonic Strike



Random Monster of the Week

Updated every Monday!


Oarion - Oarion - Ice

Level 25

Lunge - Ram - Arctic Blast - Deep Freeze



Newest Recruit

Maggie - Magmeleon - Fire

Level 28

Blaze - Lunge - Heatwave - Ram



Terra Monsters 3- CYCLONINE

Terra Monsters 3- CYCLONINE

Terra Monsters in Real Life!

TM: #400
TM2: #400
TM3: #400
TM: Minecraft
TM2: Minecraft
TM3: Minecraft
Evolve to Aquanip at level 15 Torches
Catch Rate 5 Bones
Evolution Process
Nippy → Aquanip → Nipvice

Description (TM2)
Nippys are Minecraft versions of Niptunes. They usually have blue collars but when their Rancher leaves they turn all blue.
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