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Welcome to my Profile Terra Ranchers!

     My name is LunaHydreigon, Luna for short since Hydreigon is a long and hard name to spell. Anywho, I am one of the Veterans of Terra Monsters when it first started. I've been a rancher for over the year like some of the Mods and the Co-Founder.  Being one of the Kong Terra Ranchers, I've met the awesome creators of this game! Long ago I had the first ever caught Robonax of the game and am one of the few people with the Glitched Celestail from Spoomkin Hallow, and have the trio of Glitched Aquarin named No Creature. My main team consits of Carnivice, Rhiyew and, Sootdragon. You may ask me questions you may need answering, but I will most likely answer if it's on my DeviantArt account (Link provided on the top).

About Me

     You may know my intials from DeviantART which is KLe, but you will not know my real name. I love to draw as a hobby, along with writing and of course gaming. I am in High School and the way I would talk and answer in a lady-like way or a silly way might mistaken the age I am (which I won't tell you how old I am).

   You can find me on over 10 different websites, these are the following Websites (bolded websites are ones I am mostly on.):

  • DeviantART (LunaHydreigon)
  • Kongregate (LunaHydreigon)
  • TankTrouble (LunaHydreigon)
  • ChickenSmoothie (LunaHydreigon)
  • Dragcave (LunaHydreigon)
  • GPX+ (LunaHydreigon)
  • DragonAdopters (LunaHydreigon) -Closed Down-
  • ClubPenguin (Lunar Wings)
  • NitroType (LunaHydreigon)
  • FeralHeart (LunaHydreigon aka Lunar Wings)
  • LiveJournal (LunaHydreigon)
  • Roblox (Leopardstar3)
  • MoshiMonsters (LunaHydreigon)
  • Smackjeeves (LunaHydreigon)
  • Pokefarm Q (LunaHydreigon)
  • Eldemore (LunaHydreigon)
  • Flight Rising (LunaHydreigon)
  • Youtube (LunaHydreigon)
  • Transformice (Lunar Wings)
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